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Most, but not all, of the links on this page lead to the IBM PartnerWorld website. These links are in purple.
All of the PartnerWorld links require a user id and password.
Planning tools
  Solutions Assurance Review and associated goodness  
  IBM eSAR site Generic Customer Support Plan (CSP) IBM SAR site  
Sales related sites
  Selling portal Tools, Playbooks, Kits SMB Dashboards  
  Incentives & Promotions Announcement Letters BC Cost Analysis Tool  
  Know Your IBM SSM Sales Aids System Sales Portal  
  Sales Navigator Special Bid Request BP Reports  
  CompeteLine Accessories & Options  
Education and training
  IBM Online Systems Training PartnerWorld University Web Lecture Service (WLS)  
  IBM Online xSeries training - Technical personal certification management site PWU Site - many broken links  
  Podcasts SMB College  
Support & Maintenance (break/fix)
  IBM phone support Buy parts  
  800 IBM-SERV  
  Boulder parts center  
  IBM electronic repair ticket system IBM ServicePack info & activation 800-388-7080   
  Electronic Service Agent (eSA) IBM ServicePack part numbers ITXchange  
  includes warranty, post-warranty, RTS, and education IBM Options Continuation Program  
  IBM Warranty Status  
  IBM DSA Tool Check ITXchange before ordering from Boulder Parts. Items are often less expensive and in stock.  
  Lenovo Warranty Status problem determination tool  
IBM PartnerWorld Links These links may require a PartnerWorld id and password
  IBM Partnerworld Technical Resources Page Competitive information portal  
  Technical Document Search Competitor information  
  Techline Competitive sales tool  
  Techline Canada benchmarks Ideas International competitive tool  
Associated products sites
  vmWare Website Aurema Website RackSolution Website (3rd party rails)  
Other grassroots sites
  IBM Quicklinks rainsux.dyndns.org  
  xSeries pSeries  
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